Thursday, November 15

Halftime Shows You'll Never See In The SEC

It's seems the Cal-Berkeley band took a break from its regularly scheduled show-tunes to indulge us in an admittedly kick ass cornucopia of 8-bit Nintendo theme songs and imagery. I have to say, it's quite an enjoyable stroll down memory lane.

This video brings to the forefront countless recollections of a mis-spent youth. Times when I should have been doing my homework, however, like any other young man who grew up on The Legend of Zelda, I could not rest until I made Ganon my bitch! Behold...

Here's another one that Texas put together in 2004 that features Cartoons/Video Games. There must be some pretty laid back band directors/geeks west of the Mississippi...


  1. Cool idea. Still, they didn't sound that great.

  2. Actually, Florida has done a video game medley several times this season. I almost cried hearing the Legend of Zelda theme at a football game. I'm sure it's what inspired the Gators to beat Vandy...

    Just another reason why Florida is the oddball of the SEC.

  3. bc they be smokin that good shiiiiiaaaa

  4. I have also heard that UF did something similar. This blog post backfired.

  5. MSU did a similar show in Sanford Stadium last year.