Monday, November 12

MSU Wins the State of Alabama?

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Note to Self: Don't Pass on Crooms

Big win for the State Fan nation. It's been 7 years since bowl eligibility so it's pretty damn sweet I'm sure. And it couldn't have happened against a more appropriate coach. (Is it just me, or does Saban often look like a jilted prom date on the sidelines?)

Anyway, I'm quite sure MSU scores more off turnovers than they do with their somewhat less-than-awesome, West-Coast Offense.


State's points resulting from interceptions: 14
State's points resulting from offense: 3


State's points off INTs: 14
State's points from Offense: 6

Congrats to the first black coach from Alabama to beat both school from his home state... and for being the first African American coach to go to a bowl game in the SEC...And of course for being the first Black coach to beat Nick Saban.

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Reflectin' on 6 and 4

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  1. Actually, the Alabama State Championship should be given to UGA, as they have defeated Auburn, Bama, and Troy this year.

  2. Not so fast, Andrew. State also beat It might just have to be a split ownership.

  3. I don't think I ever cursed as loud as I did when John Parker decided to toss the ball to the nearest guy playing football on the goal line.

    I guess being the Tennessee state champ is a prize to be proud of, but I'm still PO'd.

  4. Yep, State beat UAB too. And was schedule to play Jacksonville State, but JSU had the good sense to cancel their appearance on the MSU schedule.

  5. After just watching "A Time to Kill," this pictures just became much more creepy.

  6. Ha, took me a while to notice Croom in the background. Good stuff!

  7. saban with a mullet. guess he's really bought into the local culture! awesome.