Friday, November 30

More "Fear the Index" Celebration

- This kind of stuff is what makes college football the greatest game evah. BTW, Quinton Groves is a Manimal.

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- Here a few shots of our soldiers rolling "Toomer's Corner East" somewhere in Iraq (looks like Tuscaloosabad)...

Saban-in-a-row? Ok.

That's a lot of potato peelin'

[HT: Robert]

- And as you might have heard, while Toomer's East was well protected, the original was under fire...literally. Turns out the trees were not damaged as badly as it might appear. Mostly a TP fire (we all that goes. what?)...

sour grapes?

I think all the security pit-bulls would have been better utilized here

Who would have done something like this? COULD IT BE SABAN!?!

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  1. bama sucks, auburn rules, etc, etc.

    can we at least agree that rolling your own campus is pretty damn stupid??

  2. Videos like that remind me of just how great it was to be a student. Sitting (or, in Jordan-Hare, standing) in the student section sucks, until you win the game and get to celebrate like that!

    Love the "Tuscaloosabad".

  3. obviously i was talking to erik, the non auburn homer. the fact that it continues to happen proves that someone with a name like yours can't agree.