Friday, November 9

Mindless Morning Youtubery

"I'M A MAN...I'M 80!!!"

Ah, the famed Lou Holtz pep talk: Here, Grandma Clampett does a wee impression of Okie State's Mike Gundy pepping up his Pokes for the big Kansas football game. Who needs coffee in the morning when you've got Lou?

Here's the latest Mike Gundy Parody...

A Couple High Quality LSU Related Items...

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Thanks to LSU Freek of TigerDroppings

Also, I'm glad to see that Katrina refugees from the "entertainment sector" are finding new, creative ways to make ends meet at LSU tailgates (Not Totally Safe for Work).


  1. Always invite a stripper to your tailgate!

  2. LSU's fanbase has an enormous population of K-Fed clones. Pound for pound the most ignorant, vile, disgusting, vomit-on-my-forearm-from wiping my chin, fans in the country.

  3. I dunno Stephen, I've been to Ohio before.