Friday, November 23

How Eddie O Lost The Egg

First Things First

If you don't know...Ole Miss was up 14-0 on Mississippi State with roughly 9 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, in Starkville. Orgeron, like the genius he is, goes for a fourth down conversion close to midfield and doesn't get it. 17 points later, he's 0-8 in the SEC. Below are a few ways a head coach can effectively eff a game away. Enjoy...

1. Obviously the 4th down call was a mistake and it hurt OM bad. Turned the tide actually.

2. The Fake Punt that didn't work. Luckily it didn't hurt but if OM were playing a team with some actual offensive talent, it would have.

3. The Kick offs were eff-me-in-the-ear horrible. At least kick it deep ever once in a while.

4. The crap ass line drive punts were obviously killer.

5. The poor clock management going into the first half - OM should have had a shot at a field goal.

6. Allowing O.C. Dan Werner to play call like a scared 11-year-old girl down the stretch (what happened to the Brent Schaeffer bootlegs and the misdirection?) He also abandoned the spread and went back to the worthless "I" formation.

7. Allowing D.C. JohnThompson to abandon the attacking style that had kept State on their heels all night.

8. Not finding a way to score more than 7 point in a first half that saw 2 State first downs.

Piss poor. Ole Miss has the talent, now they just need the coaching. Teams with far, far less talent than Ole Miss would have found a way to put up at least 21 in that first half.

3-9 in year three (Coach 0-8 in the SEC).

"Coach..Coach! Yeah, thanks. Just wanted to ask you quickly why you think you're so not good at your job?"


- Orson (EDSBS), one of The Orgeron's biggest fans, sums things up beautifully here.
- My list of replacement (designed with Ole Miss in mind)


  1. Thanks for the heads up Gerry. You're always on top of things. Good man.

  2. Why must you take Ed O away from us, Mr. Boone?! WHY?!!!

  3. BTW, I'm hearing rumors of Terry "Tiny Tot" Bowden wanting the Ole Miss job.

    I suggest the Rebels stay away from him like the plague, but how funny would it be to see Mr. Magoo Jr. follow the Ragin' Cajun?

  4. It's a good thing you guys fired Cutcliffe just so you could his this bozo just to fire him. Just brilliant.

  5. Joshua, you won't find too many, if any, Ole Miss fans that were sorry that Cutcliffe is not currently the head coach. There's a reason he's not getting offered or seeking out other head jobs 3 years after his firing.

    No Tater Tot, No Houston Nutt, No Coach Fran, NO RETREADS!

  6. No retreads!!! No assistants!!! Fire Boone!!! Please, please, please, Ole Miss, please hire a head coach who has in the past... (gulp)... been a head coach!!! Fire Boone and use his salary if that is what it takes!!! By the way, I understand that Ole Miss has employed a head hunting firm to find the next head coach so Boone doesn't screw it up... again.