Sunday, November 4

Must See Youtubes from Week 10ish

I'm still trying to find a clip of Matt Flynn (or "Quinn" as some say) faking a knee injury give his equipment manager time to find him a new chin strap. Genius! Here's some other "action" from the weekend. Wait...LSU just got another penalty for "Actions Characteristic of a team Attempting to Prevent Bama From Being Back - Thirty Yards and Loss of Down"

Bama/LSU - Some great raw footage from The B-ham News...

What did I say about Arkansas? Them Hawgs is real son! Could Felix Jones (9.3 ypc) be better than McFadden (5.9 ypc)? The numbers seem to think so. (I know, I know hard to compare the different kinds of runners, blah blah, but still) Even so, maybe you should just check out this "Oops, I Crapped My Pants" 80 yard DMC touchdown run...

And to be fair, here's Felix Jones' equally shartastic Touchdown run...


  1. You were ignored as a child, weren't you? Guess that's why you ended up at Samford. How did those dweebs there feel about your anger issues and inferiority complex?

  2. "Dweebs?" We prefer "Baptists."