Wednesday, November 28

Nutt Busts onto The Scene In Oxford

Houston flew into to Oxford town today to lead a revival like nothing seen in these parts since The Lacoste Shop opened online. With all the verve of a big tent, Baptist preacher (who may or may not have been R U N N O F T at his previous stop), Houston looked right at home in the pulpit as he rallied the faithful with plenty of standard-issue, requisite coachspeak.

Who am I kidding...He looked about as comfortable as a man who got caught by his wife sending oh...say 1000 some odd text messages to some random news-skank.

Especially when a stuffy, British sounding, piss-in-our-kool-aid type gunt/reporter lady asked Coach Nutt if he really thought he deserved to be the highest paid employee at the University...(Nearly $2Mil a year)

What a buzz killing, socialist whore, right?

THIS AIN'T INTERMURALS, SISTER! She can take all that "integrity," "academics" and "perspective" talk and shove it up her flat, unsweetened tea drinking ass. This is Football in the South, and Houston's gonna lead us to tha promise land... or probation. Either one.

Giggity Giggity AMEN!

"Judge Not! Lest Ye be Judged. Can I get a Hotty Toddy!?!"

[watch or read the whole danged press conference]


  1. "What a buzz killing, socialist whore, right?"

    freaking genius

  2. *Houston flew into to Oxford town today to lead a revival like nothing seen in these parts since The Lacoste Shop opened online.*

    Vineyard Vines is starting to become the hot stuff in T-town nowadays.

  3. As a Bulldog, Ole Miss is about the only team in the West I'll pull for consistently (well, and Arkansas until now), so having Houston Nutt in Oxford will make things really exciting.

    I hope for your sake Erik that things work out well, but I'd be worried about the fact that he never recruited Mississippi (did I read that here?). I'm glad Nutt's still in-conference, and I hope to see him Atlanta (with Richt victorious, of course).

    Should be fun over here on this site next year vs Bama!

  4. i'm not sure i understand the "next year vs bama" comment above...but whatever. anyway, i think one year from now you'll be quite a bit happier with this hire erik. is nutt the long term answer (meaning 10 years)? probably not. but i think he's a good candidate for righting the ship.

  5. All I mean is Erik's dislike for Bama coupled with Houston Nutt at Ole Miss (which just still seems surreal) should make for some interesting blogging.

    Anytime Houston Nutt is involved, something interesting is bound to happen.

    That's all I meant.

  6. i gotcha...definitely can't argue with any of that.

  7. Nutt stated "Ole Miss is about tradition"...Am I the only one that is thinking??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????