Monday, November 26

Must See Youtubery From Week 13

It's Business...It's Business Time

Coolest. Ref. Ever. Actually, it's said to be based on a vintage badass ref (oxymoron?) from the 80's who made a similar call in the pro ranks. Kudos to an official having a bit of fun in an otherwise snoozer of a blowout.

Auburn Cornerback Gets Vicked

Most of us southerners already witnessed this craziness live, but it's worth another look when animals attack! What the hell is Auburn thinking? Pit Bulls in the end zones? I love how Auburn gets their security/sodexho workers literally surrounding the field at some point in the third quarter. What a waste. Was there really a chance of anyone rushing the field after this Iron bowl? I love how the dog gets escorted off the field too...What a thug.

Is it Still Two-Thousand-and-Saban?

Looks like Tubby's workin' on Saban-In-A-Row (can I get a copyright?). Somebody alert Matt at Sportscrack to the endless tee shirt possibilities. [Impressive]

The Nail in The Orgeron's Coffin

Note: This entire video takes place in the last 8 minutes of the Egg Bowl. Ole Miss is sitting pretty with a 14-0 lead on the road in the "big" rivalry game, and the Rebs are desperately trying to avoid a big 0-8 in the SEC in Orgeron's third season. So, you just play smart football, pin 'em deep and work the clock, right? Of course not. Orgeron decides to "go for it" on 4 and a long 1 near midfield with a 14 to nothing lead on the road. Enjoy the last few minutes of the Ed Orgeron Era (tear)...


  1. question. if the o can hold on and beat state, does he keep his job?? or was he toast either way??

  2. Sadly, I think he does keep his job if he avoids 0-8.

    However, this was just one more in a long line of huge embarrassing failures for Eddie O. It was self inflicted, and it cost him. Orgeron makes coaching decisions the same way I do on NCAA '07. With reckless abandonment.

    Never Punt, bitch!

  3. I've thought about it more, and I think Ole Miss should hire Gary Patterson of TCU.

  4. Hell to the Naw.

    Maybe I should make a list of coaches I hate for Ole Miss.

    1. Fran
    2. Nutt
    3. Jeff Bowers?!?
    4. Tater Tot
    5. Cutcliffe again (i've actually heard this)
    6. Will Muschamp (no effing assistants)
    7. Ears Witworth
    8. Dinardo
    9. Shula
    10. Granny Holtz

  5. Billy Brewer is available, if he will get out of the kitchen at the Blue Marlin, or what ever its called now.

  6. this is going to be a fun offseason.

  7. For you maybe. You've already found your winning coach... well... at least a .500 coach (nudge nudge) hey hey hey!

  8. alright, alright...i wasn't even directing that comment at ole miss...i just mean the anarchy of the season has led to anarchy in the offseason. as a bama fan i think its fair to say that for better or worse, i've paid my dues in the "coaching search" dept.

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  11. Yeah, 8 bowls in 10 years and 18 wins the last two years is not competing for Nutt. Give me a break, the guy did a lot with a little and would do well at Ole Miss with the talent there.

  12. The point is he should have done more at Arkansas with the talent and recruiting base he had. Bowls are great. Fun to go to and anyone with a winning season can get in. They are given out like awards at elementary school: best dressed, best handwriting, best pumpkin carving.... damn near everyone gets one and they don't mean as much anymore. How many SEC championships did he win? NONE. Arkansas went in 2002 and 2004 but lost. The only reason they went in 2002 was because Alabama's recruting violations kept Alabama out. Houston Nutt will have less talent (maybe not the first couple of years with O's recruits) and more recruiting competition at Ole Miss. Granted, he is a better coach than Orgeron, but can he coach less talent to higher pinnacles than he reached at Arkansas? Doubtful.
    PS-Bringing in a coach who has coached within the same conference is like picking up a date at the family reunion.

  13. The Northeeast MS Daily Journal reports that Houston Nutt has closed the deal to be Ole Miss' next head coach. Ole Miss goes from bad to mediocre... for an extra million a year!!!

  14. and #2 on the hate list gets the job. i can't wait to read the post on this.