Thursday, November 1

Best Gata Ever?

Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks to MH (another cocktail party attending UGA fan) we are introduced to this veritable "Ripley's Believe It or Not" Gator who was allegedly tailgating nearby. No, to our limited knowledge, this Floridian does not have a third nipple, eleven fingers or elephantitis of the scotestical region...Quite the contrary. He's apparently just your average Joe, committed to being the best Gator stereotype he can be.

Because as I'm sure this fine specimin would tell you, "If you gonna do some sh*t, do it ALL THA WAY, brah."

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As reader MH was quick to point out, this Gata really brings his "A Game":

"Mullet (bonus points for shaved sides of head)
Gold teeth
Gold chain
Camo hat
Jean shorts
Copious tattoos
Unlaced patent leather Nikes with no socks

Wow. There's a Friskies joke here somewhere. If you can top the above image (or even if you can't), please spread the love.


  1. i got $20 that says this dude smells like b.o., cologne, and 47 stale marlboro reds.

  2. forgot the Natty Ice

  3. I wonder how many stories that guy tells with, "took 'em m80s and blowed some shit up!" in it.

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  5. may i humbly add a little known telltale diagnostic sign from the medicine side of the fence.

    when a patient like this comes into the ER (my job) much can be acertained by noting the 'tattoo to tooth ratio'. here the ratio seems high, therefore the likelihood of meaningful communication with the patient is low, therefore one must approach this kind of patient like, well, a veterinarian would approach one of his.

    go dawgs.