Friday, September 1

This Just In...

Mississippi State Blows. Bigtime. Again.

The Bulldogs enjoying their only visit to the Endzone

Look up Craptacular in the Dictionary and you're sure to find a picture of Sylvester Croom's Offense.

Michael Henig's brand of quarterbacking makes invasive prostate surgery seem like a walk in the park.

The Bulldog's big uglies couldn't block the Cocks if a sleeve of Skoal depended on it.

The Tale of the Tape for MSU:

Passing: 8-23 for 82 yards or 2.9 yards per attempt
Rushing: 33 attempts for 79 yards or 2.4 per attempt

Those aren't first quarter stats either.


Two interceptions and one injured starting quarterback (collarbone) later, the bulldogs ended up with Zero points.

This game was irrefutable evidence showing why the immediate pre-season is the most wonderful time of the year for so many underprivileged programs. Hopium was selling at an all time high in Starkville. At least, as far as the ill fated Croom era is concerned.

Glass Half Full: Defense looked strong (Culberson) and as we all know, defense wins championships.

Glass Half Empty: It's pretty hard to win a championship when your offense is getting abused like a fat kid in Dodgeball.


  1. Craptacular?

    That ices it. You're trying to rip off the Filthy Critic. Get some original material.

  2. That does ice it. Who the hell is "the filthy Critic?" let me know so I can rip him off some more.

    Why are the anonymous folks always the dick bandits?

    If you're scared say "scared."