Friday, September 22

National Blogpoll

Week 4

- Ohio State, Auburn and Southern Cal...Just like I've been sayin' for weeks.

- LSU and Florida need to swap places. I don't care if the Fighting Tigers have a loss. This is supposed to be about who's the best, right?

- SEC = 4 teams in the top 10 - The New/Improved ACC = Nada!

- The Shula and Rader Circus rolls into Fayetteville to play the fourth straight non-bowl team (from 2005). A slight twist: Arkasas is favored, but Bama is ranked. I think the voters just go: "So who do I put in my bottom spot? Hmmmm.....Bama's 3-0. I've heard of them...I'll put them in my poll. de da...."

- It seems The Coaches thinkthat USC has earned the #2 spot over Auburn. It makes sense. The Trojans beat Arkansas like a drum (Must mean the SEC is down), and the Pac-10 is the strongest conference and USC is undefeated. Oh, I get it now.

- Could TCU be the most underrated team in the country behind Alabama? The Horny Toads held Mike Leach and the Red Raiders to single digits. That's right, I said it!


  1. You know, your bio says you are only one man, but after reading that last entry, I beg to differ. Ohhhhhh do I beg to differ, sir.

  2. ??? Are you saying I'm Fat? I've been getting that alot lately.