Thursday, September 14

This Just In...

The Pac-10 is the Best Conference In College Football and Jenn Sterger is Not a Skank

"I'll stay with 'Ridiculous Horse-Doodie' for $500, Alex"

Nevermind that the SEC has Four Schools in the Top Ten, some nerd named Sagarin says the Pac-10 is the best conference in College Football. He made an excel spreadsheet with charts and graphs that said so. Wow, I'm shocked. How does USC continue to go undefeated in such a strong, strong conference, filled with the likes of Trees, Ducks and Beavers?

Heisman Pundit - Pete Carroll's lap dog - is so excited about these recent developments, he might just hump your leg.

In related news, Jenn Sterger is not a skank.

Her good friend "Jax" says that she does charity.

"[you] couldn't even hold a candle to some of the stuff she does for charity and other functions that don't get published..."

Thanks, Jax. It's funny you should say that though, cause I did run across one of Jenn's bigger charities that got published here on the internet...

I'm not sure but I think the group is called "Tits for Tots." Strange name, but they do some real quality work.

At least their surgeons do.


  1. I love the Tits for Tots thing. That rocks!

  2. USC inflates the Pac-10's conference ranking in Sagarin. Also, the Pac-10 doesn't have as many teams that are a drag on the conference ranking. Washington, the #9 team in the Pac-10, is better than four teams in the SEC (Vandy, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Mississippi St.)

  3. So...The Pac's got a bunch of super mediocre teams and USC, but that's better than 4 great teams, Another really good team, a few mediocre teams, and some really bad teams?

    When It comes down to it, which conference would you rather play in if you want to win national championships?

  4. one that doesn't have that championship taken away?