Friday, September 29

"Cliiick Claack"

You ever noticed when someone is just out of their element?

For example: A rural...lets say...Arkansas born, 52-year-old, white guy in a commercial targeted toward hip, urban athletes and semi-pubescent, suburban douche bags.

Sweet, Tell me more!

Well, it's not like George Dubbya was asked to present at the BET awards with Kanye or anything, but it still makes us (Southern Honkies) look really awesome!!!

That might be why Under Armour seems to have pulled this Tubtastic version of their latest footwear promotion.

You know what would be a cool new tradition for Auburn (Kinda like "The Jungle"). Fans could start greeting each other with "Cliiick, Clack," instead of that silly "War Eagle." It's only fitting since Auburn sold their soul to Satan. They pretty much shat on tradition and the community (Russell Athletic is based in nearby Alex City, AL) to embrace the latest fad.

Moving on...Everybody thinks I made this Tuberville thing up when I tell them how awesome this advertisment is. ('They' didn't even play it during last night's big Auburn game. WTF?!?) I saw it once during the Wazzu game and ESPN has shelved it ever since. Well, I did alittle research (surfing youtube) and I hit the jackpot!

All you doubters, put this in your pipe and smoke it:

One of these things is not like the others!


  1. Oh dear! Yeah, he seems really cool saying click clack. I think that's a dumb ad campaign all around!

  2. He sounds like Abraham Simpson.

  3. erik, easy now, hasn't au taken enough of a beating lately from Spurrier and now the DSS? Borges's wife actually negotiated the contract and Russell is not a local company anymore....they were were bought by Berkshire hathaway Aug 2 and their CEO resigned Aug 3....we are not the only one's who sold out!

  4. King, This is a fair and balanced blog, right?!? I gotta call them like I see them...If I don't Rip on Auburn and Ole Miss equally, the Tiders might get restless!

    Admit it, no Auburn fan was crazy about the move. I understand your response, but Russell still has a huge presence in East Alabama (lots of alumni employees too)

    But hey. Like your AD said, "It's a business move." and College football is big business. I just think it sucks.

    Don't get me wrong though, I'm glad Tubs is a spokesmodel!

  5. That...looked...unquestionably lame. Not because it was Auburn. Because it was Tubs. Yeech.

  6. Yes Tubby sounded like an idiot on the commercial but AU quit on Russell a long time ago. They have been Nike for the last four years.

    Russell can't compete on the big time level, they know it so they don't even try.

    There is no AD in America that would turn down twice as much money just to stay with the small time company down the road. Programs aren't run by old coaches anymore, they are run by CEO's.