Friday, September 8

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Week 2

Meet... That Guy

No, the bliss you felt getting up last Saturday wasn't just a one time thing. Football is back this weekend! Much like the joy we knew as six-year-olds waking up on Christmas morn, but in this case, Christmas comes every week!

Life is good.

What's gonna suck is trying to get some sleep tonight while visions of trick plays dance in my head. When I was a kid, I could never just doze off knowing the excitement that awaited me in the morning.

Luckily, these days, I've made friends with a fella named Budweiser. He always lays me down to sleep and eases the pain of a slowly approaching gametime. Also, if you overindulge on Friday night, you won't give a rats ass that the game is 6 hours away. That's called "projecting the pain," and I wouldn't recommend it.

The ideal weekend would involve a light Friday night slate of alcoholic activity, followed by a consistent and steady beer regimen on gameday. (read: save the booze until post game - Unless attending said game) You don't want to peak too early . You know the guy...

You're trying to watch the crutial fourth quarter of The Big Game and Mr. Gin-Breath keeps trying to kiss you on the cheek or clumsily grope/massage your girlfriend. Then at 9, he passes out face down in a flowerbed and later gets physically abused with a magic-marker.

Not cool.

He will be ridiculed mercilessly and is usually never invited back (Unless he's your Dad).

Anyway, here's your good times schedule for this weekend:


Friday, September 8

8:00 PM Pittsburgh at Cincinnati ESPN2

Saturday, September 9

12:00 PM #16 Virginia Tech at North Carolina - ESPN

12:00 PM Illinois at Rutgers - ESPN2

12:30 PM #4 Auburn at Mississippi State - JP/LF Sports

12:30 PM Mississippi at Missouri Tickets - Fox Sports Net/Turner South

1:00 PM Kent State at Army - ESPN-Classic

3:30 PM #19 Penn State at #4 Notre Dame - NBC

3:30 PM #14 Iowa at Syracuse - ABC

3:30 PM Washington at #15 Oklahoma - ABC

3:30 PM #18 Clemson at Boston College - ABC

3:30 PM Vanderbilt at Alabama - Fox Sports Net

6:30 PM Arizona at #8 LSU - ESPN2

7:00 PM Minnesota at #22 California - TBS

7:45 PM #12 Georgia at South Carolina - ESPN

8:00 PM #1 Ohio State at #2 Texas - ABC

9:00 PM #24 Texas Tech at UTEP - CSTV

10:00 PM #20 Oregon at Fresno State - ESPN

Remember... Eastern



  1. Amazingly, that post sucked too. Like the rest of them.

    Where did you go to school anyway? I bet you are like all of those Bama fans that being born in Alabama necessitates you being a fan. Like Tide10 I bet he went to community college somewhere if he went to college at all.

    Speak up candy ass.

  2. Still skirting the question at hand, clever little fuck arent you.

    I just want to know where they teach you these words like turdtastic and redunkulous, great journalism. Dont quit your day job.

  3. "His name is Lo-La, he was a showgirl..."

    I love your song.

    Still roid raging over the "Titty Baby" thing?

    I've posted about my Alma Mater on this blog...See if you can find it!

    good times.

  4. It's re-donk-u-lous, by the way. And I don't care who you are (dirty cajun or not) "turd" = funny.

    No journalism school...It's all self taught (read: Good Will Hunting)