Friday, September 1

Taxation without Representation

The Ballad of Ricky Karle

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If you're gonna take on the responsibility of starting a blog, there are a few ground rules you should follow. Like a Dry Clean Only tag, they are that important.

Orson Swindle, of Every Day Should Be Saturday, lays out an advanced study course on the rules here. Why should you listen to to Orson? Cause success breeds success.

Orson Swindle is the Regis Philbin of the College Football Blogosphere. It's just one homerun after another.

Those Florida boys cover the rules from top to bottom (some of which we are guilty of) , but there are a few basics:

-Cite your sources
-Give credit where credit is due
-Let folks know when you're talking about them

Rick Karle obviously didn't get the memo.

I guess since he's the Sports Director at Fox 6 here in Birmingham, he writes his own rules. In his very own blog on MyFoxAL, titled "Rick Karle's Newsroom", he half-assedly critiques my SEC Wives post:

Exhibit A

Karle came to a few false conclusions about me and my blog, and he doesn't even have the gosh darn courtesy to give me a link or shoot me an email...

It's a sure sign that a apocalypse may be upon us! A popular web site has rated the top five wives of the Southeastern Conference. The criteria? Community involvement? Motherhood? Smarts? Well, uh- no. The list is based soley on looks.


Did you read the post at all, Karle? Hottness is obviously a factor (when is it not?), but nowhere on the blog did I even hint that the results were based "soley on looks." What kind of a guy do you think I am? (the girlfriend would kill me) I made a point to avoid that stigma. I even gave Mrs. Spurrier credit for letting Steve play golf for a whole year.

Don't even get me started on the Fox 6 News Clip (which nobody even tipped me off about).

Ok, I'll tell you about it. The station wouldn't even let me drive up and talk to them ("Security!"), then they tried to charge me $60 for a DVD with a 30 second clip about my website. Basically, they treated me like a known sex offender.


$60 for thirty seconds? That's $120 a minute, or in my case, $2.00 a second. I'd be willing to bet that Mike Price wouldn't even pay those kinda rates for two chicks at the same time!

No, My momma taught me better than that.

Aside: Maybe if yall would click my ads alittle more, then I could afford such luxuries (shameless).

Am I a little angry? Maybe... I feel used, I'll tell you that.

I put my blood, sweat and tears into that post (maybe not blood, that's kinda gross) and Karle picks it up, runs it into the ground and doesn't even give me a shout out.

You Smell that, Karle? It smells like...


Don't even do it for me, Rick. Do it for your readers. They might appreciate knowing what in god's name you're talking about.

Compared to RK, Paul Finebaum is an angel. He talked about my site for a while, offered me 15 minutes on the air, gave me props on his MySpace page and even pronounced my name correctly 50% of the time.

But it's ok, Rick. I forgive you, and I'm gonna leave with the eloquent words of Maya Angelou:

One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.

Think about that.


  1. it should be "cite" instead of "site".

  2. Thanks. You gotta love comments about grammatical errors. They are soo worthwhile. My email is under my profile for future emergencies.