Thursday, September 7


Bloggers Tell The Bigtime Media What's Up

My Thoughts:

- What makes anyone think ND deserves to be 6th? This is a ranking of College Football Power, right? Not Marketing power.

- Why are the Hawkeyes always a top 15 team that nobody cares about? Is Iowa (the state and school) just inherently boring? I've never been to Iowa and it may be really cool (let me know). Maybe they need a spread and/or West Coast offense to make things not so...Iowaish. (only being facetious) Hey, at least they've got pink visitor's locker rooms, and that's pretty fun stuff...I guess.

- For two admittedly exciting teams in FSU and Miami, that was one boring-ass game.

- Despite all the drama and quarterback issues, Oklahoma really may be a good quality team (for me to poop on)

- Cal = The Ashley Simpson of College Football. Why are they still popular?

- Alabama deserves to be ranked about as much as UAB does. Wait! UAB doesn't have 12 national championships... nevermind.


  1. Please don't ever reference Ashley Simpson again in your sports blog.

  2. What? She's a great talent...She's kinda the Ryan Leaf of the pop music scene.

  3. What does Alabama's supposed 12 NCs have to do with this year? Same thing as Notre Dame's marketing power, I suppose.

  4. perception is 9/10 as I always say.