Wednesday, September 20

Pretty Damn Cool

I've been to many big Auburn games in my lifetime, but for one reason or another, I've never seen "Spirit" in person.

This is the next best thing.

Traditions like this are what separate Deep South College Football from the rest of the pack. Plus, it's what I'm all about:

Sports from the fan's perspective...

HT: Stephen


  1. Damn nuisance animals, surely the Auburn city animal control could take care of that problem.

  2. Erica, looks like you are delaying the sec west grades this week. Are you going to give ole miss a B- b/c they lost on the road to a sec team?

  3. Sorry, Russ. You're right, it's all about that Ole Miss grade. Some weeks are tougher than others, Russ. I can't just make one post a week like yourself.

    I'm really afraid that i'm gonna bump Alabama up a know the way you whooped ass this past weekend.

    Is beating up retarded kids fun, russ?

  4. About as fun as getting your a$% kicked by the previous doormat of the SEC.

    Sorry I actually have a job and not allowed to sit in front of a computer all day

  5. What are you saying? I don't have a job? Then why do I get up so f'n early every damn day?

    I think you've earned the Dumbass Bama fan of the week, Russ. Congrats!

    It's a new feature on the site i'm starting as of today.