Monday, September 11

Reflections - Week 2

Random Thoughts on This Weekend's Football Related Happenings...

Penn State's fallen (in the polls), and Joe-Pa can't get up

- The big games were such a let down. Blowout city. Once again, we learned, when in doubt, go with the experienced quarterbacks (Ohio State, ND won big for a reason) Even though USC seems to reload (geez I hate that term) at quarterback, the rule is: guilty until proven innocent as far as new QBs are concerned.

- Four Shutouts for conference teams this week, and two of those were SEC on SEC with Mississippi State and South Carolina getting the short end of the stick. (Remember that turdtastic SEC opener? Yeah, that wasn't a fluke.)

- College Football tailgates in the South are all about the food. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just hast to be meaty and good. And nobody gives a rat's ass about Fat content, Atkin's or South Beach. Everybody's on vacation from real life and they will eat and drink accordingly. Choose your contribution wisely if you want to be invited back. Even if they don't really like you (or you tried to dance with their mom) they WILL invite you back if you come strong with the eats.

Sausage, Alabama's other dark meat

- Conecuh spicy Sausage is the mac daddy of all cased, ground multi-meats. You will NEVER go wrong grilling this on gameday (unless you burn the crap out of it). I cooked up 2 pounds of juicy goodness this weekend. My gameday platter includes sliced medium Cheddar (any variety of cheese will do), dill pickle spears, crackers and plenty of BBQ sauce (Dry sprinkled generously all over everything and Wet for dipping).

For those of you that is ignant of BBQ speak, "Dry rub" (not that kinda, you perv) is found in the spice section at your neighborhood Publix. This seasoning is made up of Brown sugar, ground peppers and the like. It's not your usual BBQ seasoning but it adds lots of spicy flavor (the best kind). The most fantastic I can find is made by the folks at Rendezvous in Memphis (and not just cause I'm from The Bluff City). Their wet sauce (typical BBQ sauce) is incredible as well. You can find all things Rendezvous here.

Note: I modeled my Sausage plate after Rendezvous, however the Conecuh Sausage definitely kicks it up a notch. (not to brag, but I've been told mine is better than the original...Thanks, Mom)

- Don't mess with tradition: If a 33 year old, short and portly gentleman wants to run naked laps (or "lappage") around the house after Auburn victories, let it happen. You don't want to be the one to blame when if Auburn loses to LSU this weekend. If your girlfriend breaks up with you after that tantalizingly strong display of manhood, it was never meant to be anyway (dumb trick).

Note: You probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about, but, yeah, that really happened Saturday night. Thanks for staying strong, baby.

- Who are the mental midgets that still think bringing a huge "D" and cutout of a picket fence to the game is a fun and witty form of self expression. That was cool 10 years ago never. Lets get creative here people. Come strong with the signage or don't come at all. Also, I'm about sick of those acrostic media whores. Wow, you thought up

A ll
B uckeyes Eat
C rap

Congrats to you, my friend!

- Jenn Sterger is not hot. If you think she is, you've been hanging out at too many rural strip joints and/or post-op tranny porn sites.

She is however, one of reasons why half of America's young girls wish for nothing more than to be skanky, little hussies.

Jenn, that boob shaped crease on the top of your boney chest doesn't look at all natural and it's certainly not a desirable fashion accessory. Nose job, Boob job and a bad case of anorexia... You're every guys dreamboat! Come talk to me in 20, when daddy's cosmetic surgery fund has run dry and you look like this...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

Sterger, Paris, Nicole and the aforementioned Ashlee Simpson: The guys from South Park said it best...They are "stupid spoiled whores" and they need to be stopped. You'd never see such sluttery in the stands in the SEC West (and the East with the exception of Florida). It's not that our girls don't have the goods, they just don't have to buy them, cake on makeup and stick them in your grill every chance they get to feel good about themselves.

Daddy didn't hug these leathery skanks enough, or as Orson put it these "scantily clad catcher's mitts." Classic!

I think I'm gonna start a support group: The Foundation to Combat Stupid Spoiled Whordom (Saving The latest MTV generation from Themselves)


  1. Your gonna make a great wife someday. "Erik's SEC recipes", would make a great book. And I see you like the sausage too. fag

  2. Awe, my first internet stalker!

    Please, hook a brother up and click some ads while you're here...

  3. You're right on about the Conecuh spicy smoked sausage. I ran across that the Friday before the Memphis game. Goes great on a sausage and cheese platter in the Grove.

  4. Oh, by the way, my platter includes cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, dill pickle spears, whole pickled bannana peppers, sliced pickled jalapeno peppers, saltine crackers, and yes, grapes (red or black will do). For sauce, I sprinkle Cattleman's dry rub seasoning and use wet sauce for dipping. I do dig the 'vouz sauce on occasion as well.

    The Conecuh has definitely found a new home on my platter as it earned its rightful place Memphis weekend. But, it will not replace the kielbasa - only add to it.

  5. Well, look at this, yet another wanna be blogger who posts about Jenn in a blatant, pathetic attempt to get hits to his site...and then posts tasteless content to try to be "edgy"...nice work, you POS...way to talk about a lady you know nothing about, and couldn't even hold a candle to some of the stuff she does for charity and other functions that don't get published since its not news-worthy...I have known Jenn and her family for a while now, and as usual your bullshit is way off base, but hey, I hope all these new hits you get will make you happy and satisfy your hard on for attention...have a great day...

  6. Jenn, I told you not to comment on my F-ing site anymore.

    But Seriously (assuming this post is legit)...

    Jax, I just call 'em like I see 'em.

    Jenn's dad paid alot of money for those funbags, and she might as well show them to the world on TV and in playboy, right? (too late)

    Just cause you wanna do her and have a cute little crush on her, doesn't mean I can't talk smack about her.

    She embodies everything I loathe, and this is my F-ing Forum to talk about whatever the hell I want.

    Yeah, I've got the "hard on for attention." Coming from Jenn Sturger's butt-buddy, that means alot!

    How did you find my site? Cause, I guarantee you're one of maybe 3 people that googled that article. It was just a little blurb and nobody's getting rich (or any extra attention) off of it.

    Yeah, Let me hop on the Sturger Gravy Train! All Aboard!!! (Insert tasteless joke here)

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