Friday, June 8

Bama Fan of the Week

Why Would My State Possibly Have a Bad Reputation?

"Hey, I'm a huge fatass, and you've got an unfortunate let's paint ourselves white with a big script "A" on our chest, dye our hair red and embarrass ourselves, not to mention our state, infront of 90,000 at The Swamp! Yes, That sounds nice."

I wonder if they painted each other...

Hey, at least tons-of-fun saves some face with his Transitions lenses

Strangely, nobody's within three rows of Bama's Biggest Fan (BBF)


  1. finding idiotic bama fans....what sport! like hunting rats behind a taco bell dumpster...

  2. hilarious. you're getting to be quite witty. love the "unfortunate" goatee as well as the reference to the transition lenses. grade A.