Tuesday, June 19

Chadd Scott Tees Off on The Tide

I'll Say This About Chadd... He's Thorough

I just recently received an email alerting me to this post. It may be a little bit old (I'm not sure), but it seems to be more and more relevant every day.

If you don't know, Chadd Scott is the producer of ESPN's Colin Cowherd radio show, but Colin's not the only one with some strong opinions. No Sir. Scott did not leave any rounds in the clip with this take.

Chadd on Saban and Alabama Fans in general:

He is a liar and a coward and a quitter and maybe by being all of those things, that will put him in good standing with Alabama fans because I lived in Alabama for 10 years and I've never met a bigger group of narrow-minded, ignorant, boastful, obnoxious jerks in my life.

I'm painting with a broad brush here and I have every intention to. I've met dozens of Bama fans and alumni and the honest, decent, moral, trustworthy ones I could probably count on one hand.

Ask yourself this, after all his vehement public denials, how did Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore and the Tide cronies know Satan could still be lured to the Capstone?

They knew because it takes one to know one. It takes a liar to know when another liar is lying and from the generally low level of dignity that Alabama fans have, they must have been able to see in Satan one of their own. A guy who'd turn his back on people he'd made a commitment to, a guy whose word meant nothing....

...This, however, I'm not wrong on: Nick Saban is a liar. Nick Saban is a coward. Nick Saban is a quitter. Nick Saban is all of those things and he couldn't be rewarded with a more likeminded group of fans than the one he's about to inherit in Tuscaloosa.

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Wow. And you can't really say he's an ignant, ESPN homer. The guy lived in Alabama the Beautiful for 10 years (matching my tenure). He must be a genius.

Again, Chadd Doesn't Like UAT

Hat Tip: Burt


  1. Wow...take a look at the guys pictures...nope, he's not a douchebag at all..fyi, the extra d is gay

  2. Chadd IS gay - that is why all of the homoerotic stuff on his webpage

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  4. Of course he has a bad impression of Alabamians. After all, the guy spent most of his tenure here in the biggest, backwoods college town in America: Aubarn (AL) where attending rodeos are like attending Disney World and living in trailer parks are like living in beach condos and lastly driving jacked-up trucks purchased from Aubarn Off-Road are like driving Aston Martins purchased from a James Bond Auction, in their half-brained minds. By the way, did he attend Aubarn (AL) during the time of which the fraternities were dressing up as Klansmen?

    And of course, leave it up to the mightily obsessed Erik to break the news first. If the guy trashed Alabama as badly as he did, imagine what he'd have to say about "Mississippians".

  5. He visits Key West with an unknown male who wears dresses. Chadd is gay. He is not intrested in women what so ever. I am surprised he is in sports. Most gays think sports its to rough.