Wednesday, June 6

Flashback: Eli Manning

Flickr: Why is Eli giving Peyton a flower again?

A new Eli Manning compilation has surfaced on the youtubes. Somebody should show him these clips before he takes the field with The Giants this fall.

Yeah...Eli's been pretty mediocre as of late, but this video focuses on his glory days at Ole Miss when their wasn't a throw he couldn't make, or a co-ed he couldn't bed. No wonder he stayed all 5 years in Oxford. Who wouldn't? In 3 seasons at helm he beat Florida (twice), Alabama (twice), LSU and Auburn. Not a bad run in Oxford, considering the past three seasons of pestilence and frustration the Rebels have faced without him.

After a long while in the New York City spotlight, it must be nice to get back to Oxford to folks that remember you like this...

Here's a new video of the "Manning Passing Camp" with all four Mannings

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