Wednesday, June 27

Bama Fan of the Week

Does This Mean She ain't Pure?

Oh she's pure alright. Sheeeit yeah. Pure as the driven snow Crimson...Pure as The Bear...Pure as Conecuh Ridge Alabama Style Whiskey.

Brady of Springville and Carson of Athens are The Bama Fan of the Week. That's right..."Fan" singular. Because when you get married at Bryant Denny Stadium, two Tiders become one.

Don't be confused. They didn't have their reception at the home field of the Tide! That would be silly. They had the ceremony there.

This storybook couple met at Alabama Band-camp. Carson (the girl) played the mellophone (marching french-horn, of course), while Brady (the guy) played the tuba. So, what better place to get hitched than the newly expanded, upper deck luxury boxes of Bryant Denny called "The Zone." (Sounds a lot cooler than First Baptist Church, right?)

After saying their wedding vows, the couple left The Zone for about five minutes (obviously consumating in the mens room). No one was sure what would happen next.

They returned as Alabama's fight song played. The guests grabbed shakers and formed two rows for them to walk through.

Wow. Sounds like they rivaled the Federline wedding in the class department. Even so, it sucks for you. This was the first and last wedding in "The Zone." Mal Moore had to fire the event staff to pay Saban. Yeah, you might be cryin' now, but it'll all be worth it when The Tide wins that 13th Nashnal Champyunship.

I can't put my finger on it, but her dad looks drunk

Source: Decatur Daily


  1. Taco Bell Soft Tacos9:43 PM, June 27, 2007

    Damn Erik, I can honestly say this is the first great post I have seen on here. Then again Bammers being Bammers is always an awesome source of comedy!

  2. God this website makes me laugh.

    Erik, do you have access to that UGA picture from four or five years ago where the whole team is decked out Mad Max style, with chains and oars and spikes on their shoulder pads? Some guy at Jordan Hare tried to sell me a mug that had that picture with the message printed beneath, "You can't spell You're Gay without UGA."

    Why didn't I buy it? Typical Auburn fan, no cash.

  3. A Mug? Wow, that Sounds like something I'd like to see/drink out of. I'll work on that picture.

  4. Wow ... I hope she didn't have any of the cake, is all I'm sayin' ...

  5. That's breathtaking, jai. Strong work as always.