Wednesday, June 13

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Arkansas Fans be Crazy as Hell

You know what's crazier than an Arkansas fan? A Hog fan that lives in Alabama.

Roger Wooley of Tafford, Alabama wants your money. He wants your money to support his Razorback Fan Poll. What does Ole Rog offer in return? The Truth! The Damn Truth! The truth about what the state of Arkansas thinks about it's head honcho, Coach Houston Nutt...

We have contracted with an established, respected professional (wow - all three?) polling firm in Arkansas, to take an opinion poll of Razorback fans. Primarily about the state of the football program, plus a couple other topics (fragment). There are 2 topics that we primarily would like to see researched:

(1) The assertion that only a small portion of fans, such as 5%, are dissatisfied with Coach Nutt.

(2) The assertion that a "small, vocal, organized minority" is behind all the discontent; and that this minority is concentrated in NWA.

These questions will be answered both by the poll results, and hopefully by the number & geographic distribution of those who contribute to the fund raising (sold!).

We are shooting for 150 fans in each of the 4 Congressional districts. This will avoid skewing the data by a heavy concentration of responses from places like Little Rock or Springdale (commie bastards!).

Genius, Roger!

See, Roger and his constituency are concerned...concerned that the public opinion of Nutt may be "different" than what the vocal minority of "Houston-Haters" would have you believe. Gasp!

Here's a few examples of this groundbreaking poll questions, just to wet your appetite (and open your pocketbook):

Qualifier:Are you an employee of the University of Arkansas? If no, proceed.

1. How often do you watch, listen to, or attend Razorback Football games?

a. Every possible occasion b.Occasionally c.Rarely.

2. What is your primary source of Razorback football information?

a. TV c.newspaper d.internet e. family and friends f.all

3. What is your secondary source of information?

4. How many people do you speak with about Razorback sports on a regular basis?

5. When speaking before a group in Texas earlier this year, Frank Broyles said that the Arkansas football team has the potential to be the 7th best football program in the SEC. Do you agree with that statement, or do you think the program can do better?

a. agree b. the program can do better

Don't sit on the sidelines and let misinformation about Arkansas Football go unpunished. You too can support this important effort to bring some truthiness to The Natural State!

Just send your paychecks to:

Roger Wooley
345 Doe Trail
Trafford, AL 35172

Seriously. Roger doesn't trust free, online polling, and stamp prices just went up again, asshole. Oh yeah, don't worry. He'll give any excess funds to Charity*.

Hilariously unrelated, crazed Hawg fan

Hat Tip: Bob/River
Roger's Site:
More Info: TheHogBlogger

* Charity is employed by Wesley's Boobie Trap in Dora, Alabama


  1. In the photo description....what do you mean unrelated? That's Roger Hog Hat.

  2. "A Classy Southern Sports Blog?"

    Sorry, Mr. Erik. Mocking someone, using boatloads of sarcasm regarding an opinion, calling someone an asshole, posting pictures of naked grown men, and halfway/almost insulting an entire fan base does not exactly qualify as "classy."

    Alabamans should take some notes from their Mississippi neighbors.

    And for the record, I'm not a Hog fan. I'm not even a fan of an SEC team. I just think this post and your blog is way for you to convince yourself that you're a whole lot more "Southern" than you are.

    Learn some class before you advertise you've got it.