Tuesday, June 12

Kelli Loves Brodie!

Everyone's Favorite Tackling Dummy is Off The Market

The Croyle kids will certainly have some bangin', 80's hair

That's right, former Alabama 5-star quarterback recruit Brodie Croyle is now engaged to a Miss Junior-High Mississippi Something or Other, Kelli Shultz. Even though Kelli was in high school when Brodie left Alabama in 2005, they seem to be a perfect match... Kelli's talent is Ballet, while Brodie talent is playing football like a Ballerina. Cute.

Word is, it was a beautiful engagement out in the pasture at his father's Big Oak Ranch, that is, until Brodie tore his meniscus while attempting to get down on one knee.

Brodie is currently rehabbing the knee in Birmingham, while Kelli is looking forward to Brodie finally living up the to his infamous hype during the upcoming 2008 wedding season.

"It's gonna be Brodie's breakout year...I can feel it"
Good luck with all that, Kelli. Despite his injury, the prospective groom has a positive outlook, and has his mind set on the couples honeymoon in Cancun.
"I'm just thrilled to finally be 'getting horizontal' with someone other than Stanley McClover, if you know what I mean."
Careful, Kelli. Don't get too rough!

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  1. Most people like you that have not had success post fun at those who have.
    Who's laughing now?
    Brodie is going to become the starting QB for the Chiefs.
    Do you have a well paying job?

  2. Well...I'm not one to brag. Ask your mother.