Wednesday, June 20

Who Says the Mississippi School System Sucks?

A stereotypical looking (future offensive lineman) Mississippi State fan at the College World Series. No wonder Mississippi can't get any damn high school talent qualified. Hey kid, Jerrell Powe called...He said "You're an effing embarrassment."

The saddest thing is that no other State fans (read: his parents) had the good sense to slap that sign out of his chubby little arms.

HT: Deadspin

Editors Note: Not that I'm above reproach when it comes to spelling errors, but this is a bit ridiculous...and humorous.


  1. Just below you talk about the "tail" of dad's story book weeding. Nice.

  2. I know. Crazy isn't it?

    "Weeding" Nice.

  3. LOL! What a retard! Obviously the Mississippi school system DOES suck! This kid is an idiot, but his parents are complete morons!!!

  4. The kid misspells "exceptionally" and you're giving him grief?!

  5. Don't make me pumble your ass, Anon. I'm giving his parent or legal guardian grief.

  6. YEE-HAW !!

    Apparently, being inbreed really does lower IQ levels.

    The proof is in the science !!