Wednesday, June 13

Pour One Out

A Salute to the Godfather of Edu-tainment

In all seriousness, Don Herbert was a super-stud from the old school (1918-2007).

Circa 1986, after I vacated Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, (and my parents got cable) I grew to love a little science show called Mr. Wizard on Nickelodeon. Herbert managed to take that developing ball of mush between so many young ears, and he focused, educated and entertained it for 30 minutes a day. He showed us the science in every day life, and he managed to make it cool. That, my friends, is a pretty nice legacy.

If you want to know what's missing from the lives of America's youth today, I'll tell you. It's Mr Wizard. And America is a worse place for it.

Thanks, Don


Mr. Wizard Passes at 89
Mourning Mr. Wizard
Mr. Wizard - Show Intro


  1. My high school Physics teacher met Mr Wizard and said he was a pompous asshole. I mean, when you're as big of a celebrity as he is I guess he can.

  2. Jon, I heard your high school Physics teacher was a raging douche bag.

    love you, but there's no need for such comments at a time like this.