Monday, June 4

Rebs Advance To Supers...Again

A 21 Run Salute

Next Stop...Tempe Arizona?

Ole Miss beat up on Sam Houston State (twice) as well as the in-state, second class citizen's at Mississippi Southern (gotta keep 'em in their place).

Ole Miss furthered the rumor that they have no "Sunday Starter" or bullpen for that matter. Will Kline and Lance Lynn worked the first two wins in bluecollar fashion, while Bittle must have pulled the short straw and was named Sunday's starter. Yeah...He gave up roughly a baker's dozen. Then Cody Satterwhite came in a piled on a several more. Good thing Ole Miss put up 21 runs in their final "W." If only Ole Miss could score 21 in football.

Either way, Ole Miss is headed to Tempe, Arizona to play in another Super Regional. This is the first Super the Rebs have played away from Oxford, and hopefully it'll be the first one that they get out of alive. (By the way, how the hell is Arizona in any way, shape or form "Regional" in relation to Mississippi? Shenanigans!).

Well, maybe another competition can be settled this weekend. When it comes to hottest coeds, Arizona State is always tossed around on the short list with Florida State and Ole Miss. Maybe we'll get a sample of their top cleat-chasing talent in the days to come.

Only time and tivo will tell.

Damn! Sluts!


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