Tuesday, June 5

"Momma, C'mere...Mississippi's on the SportsCenter!"

Oh, It's Embarrassing...Check That

Light posting today. I went under the knife this morning, and I'm supposed to be blogging resting.

I'll leave you with what appears to be a plastered, old frat-boy having flashbacks to Vietnam. (Even so, it's an instant classic)

Who hasn't known/been this drunk guy before? It's 3:30 in the morning, the Keg's floated, and all the ladies left your sorry ass...So you do what an good veteran would do...Drink alot more, talk a little smack with the boys until you get tossed on some BS. Then, naturally you steal third base (literally) and army crawl up to the mound to toss a fat rosin grenade!


That'll teach 'em...

HT: Goldnuts

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