Friday, June 1

What's Your Song?

photo credit: Big Blue Planet

A Very Personal Question

It's the biggest game of your short life and you are so freakin' pumped you're about to jump out of your skin. You can't wait to rip someone's head off.* You're about to step into the batter's box, or bust out of the locker room, or tear through that poster the cheerleaders so lovingly fashioned... It's all about this moment. The one you've been waiting for. What's gonna push you over the edge?

What's gonna get you and the fans so pumped up that, in your mind, losing is not an option? What song is going to put that twinge of doubt in your opponent as they huddle in fear?

Erik's List:

#1: Human - Metallica - The ultimate pumped up, going into battle, intimidation song... ever...

#2: My Hero - Foo Fighters
- Seeing that my guilty pleasure is "Varsity Blues," this song always gets me going...

#3: O Fortuna - Carl Orff
- This song has been overdone as of late, but it's for good reason. If this song doesn't get in your dome, you're dead...

#4: Shipping Up To Boston - The Dropkick Murphys
- This song made The Departed. Not quite as hardcore as some, but effective none the less (and honestly, I could do without the singing). Can't you just see The Boston Celtics running out to this song, doing a backboard drill and then slamming it home? Wow...

#5: Enter Sandman - Metallica
- Classic. When in doubt, choose Metallica. When this song climaxes, anything is possible...



  1. "Wish" from the Run Lola Run soundtrack.

    "Confusion: Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix" by New Order

    "Kingdom of Doom" by The Good, the Bad, and the Queen

  2. How very European of you, Jennifer...A little deep house dish.

  3. Well, you aleady cited most of the good hard-rocking American songs, so I had to think outside the box.

  4. Epic by Faith No More

    White Unicorn by Wolfmother

    Vow of Silence by Blindside