Monday, June 4

The New York Times Is Communist

First they maliciously attacked Auburn's Chaplain...Then they attempted to smear The Tiger's academic reputation...Now they've gone too far...

Nobody slanders The Paul "Bear" Bryant Museum. Especially some carpetbagging, lacrosse playing, unsweetened-tea drinking, homo-marrying yankee. States have seceded for less:

Sketching out a map on a piece of poster board, he directed me first to the Waysider (1512 Greensboro Avenue, 205-345-8239), a hidden-away diner where I feasted on ham, eggs, grits and tiny, bouncy biscuits ($11.36 with tip), and then, of course, to the Paul W. Bryant Museum (300 Bryant Drive, 866-772-2327,; entry $2), a temple to the legendary Bama coach better known as Bear Bryant. With its litany of sports stats, a replica of the coach’s office and utter lack of historical context, it reminded me of the Joseph Stalin Museum, in Gori, Georgia (the country, that is).

If there are a few things that we Southerners can't stand, it's Democrats, Communists and Yankees (or any combination of the three)...And I don't really know many Communists, so we're gonna talk about some Yankee Democrats.

What does this New York City boy know about College Football tradition? You can't just drive through Tuscaloosa when School's out and get a feel for what makes the town special. You need to go to Tuscaloosa on LSU, or Tennessee weekend. Then you'd have a story to tell:

The Flea Markets, the RVs, the diesel exhaust, the bleached blondes with witty hounds-tooth hats, the lower-back tattoos...the scent of near-by paper mills blended beautifully with Evan Williams...It nearly takes your breath away.

It is a full experience. A trip that would surely shake the foundations of any Communist Yankee.

Besides, what did Stalin ever do?

Did he ever win a Sugar Bowl? Did he ever wrastle a bear with his bare hands? Is his son on the Board of Trustees at The University? I think not.

I've never heard of "Stalin Bank" or a baby named "Stalin Red."

This brings me back to my central point: Why does The New York Times hate America? More so, why does The New York Times Hate to feel good? Think about that.

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  1. Does anyone know, by the way, why the NY Times website was down all day today?

  2. Maybe it was a Red Scare. Who knows. It worked fine for me.

  3. Ah, it makes sense that this article was not in the sports section. Warren St. John would not allow that to be printed about his beloved Tide.

  4. stalin = the bear.....hmmm, that sounds about right to me ;-)