Monday, June 4

Everybody Loves Nick

I know which one I want for Christmas

Is it me, or is Nick Saban's tenure at "The Capstone" playing out like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

How does Nick Saban stack up against Larry David?

  • He's rich and he knows it - Check
  • He's banking on the success of a previous job - Check
  • He's a compulsive liar - Check
  • He's been called out for racist jokes - Check
  • He's a pompous asshole - Check
  • Nobody really likes him - Check
  • He once enlisted the services of a prostitute to beat traffic in the HOV lane - Wouldn't doubt it

Now, we find out Saban is making friends among his fellow SEC Coaches! Yes, at the SEC Football meetings in Destin, Saban took a little time out of his busy schedule to piss off Mark Richt. (not an easy task)...

Georgia coach Mark Richt looked forward to the meetings in his first year in 2001.

"I was curious as to what it was going to be like in there," he said. "I was almost shocked at how cordial everybody is and how they seemed to get along real good. I think what I found is you've got a bunch of guys who have a respect for the job that the other has."

Just then, Florida coach Urban Meyer walked by, and Richt said, "Hey Urban, how are you?"

Back on subject, Richt said, "Everyone knows just how difficult of a job it really is."

But then Saban walked by, gave a friendly hello and told Richt he had recently been in an Athens, Ga., nightclub to watch his son Nicholas Saban's band play and said he noticed a lot of Georgia's football players at the club.

Richt was obviously taken aback by the comments. Was Saban kidding? Does Saban, who spends a lot of off time in north Georgia on Lake Burton, realize that Richt just lost Parade All-American, redshirt freshman linebacker Akeem Hebron? Hebron just transferred after being suspended for two semesters following a pair of recent alcohol-related arrests.

Richt had no comment, but witnesses said he did not appear cordial and seemed angry.

Of course Saban knew about Akeem Hebron. Nick's all about the mind games. You gotta embarrass and demoralize your opponent, right?

Next, he'll be asking fat chicks about their due date, or quizzing Frank Beamer on what the hell happened to his face.

He's just laying the ground work for future championships.

He doesn't have time for this shit either


SEC Football Coaches Get Along Fine

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