Wednesday, September 19

Erik's Blogpoll Ballot

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Don't know what it is...but this blogpoll just seems extra classy this morning

1LSU 25
2Florida 24
3Southern Cal 23
4Oklahoma 22
5West Virginia 21
6California 20
7Texas 19
8Oregon 18
9Boston College 17
10Ohio State 16
11Wisconsin 15
12Penn State 14
13Rutgers 13
14Clemson 12
15South Carolina 11
16Texas A&M 10
17Michigan State 9
18Missouri 8
19Kentucky 7
20Arkansas 6
21Alabama 5
22Georgia 4
23Nebraska 3
24Utah 2
25Georgia Tech 1

What a craptastic, creamy center this poll has. It is damn near impossible to rank these folks outside of the top five. Any poll at this point in the season is nothing but an unfunny joke an should be treated accordingly. Teams that make me sick include: Penn State (beat FIU, ND and Buffalo) Wisconsin (beat Wash State, Citadel and UNLV) and Rutgers (beat Buffalo, Navy and Norfolk State!!!) Do these teams have any business in a Top 15? No, not really but who the hell else are you gonna put up there. I feel dumb even casting a ballot at this point, but hey, if it makes Bama fans feel like they are that much more "back" seeing their name up on the big board, then it was all worth it.


  1. I like where your head is at on these rankings. I still agree that Ark should be ranked higher than Bama...and that's a Bama fan saying that..1-5 is dead on...I don't agree with Texas in the top 10. Push them all down one and put Texas at 12

  2. This blog sucks ass. WHere do you get your material from? Find somewhere else.

  3. wow...that's really high for the aggies i think. guess we'll find out a little more tonight.

    ps-i think captain "anonymous" is really enjoying your work.

  4. Gerry, you were right...I was wrong. Yet another reason why polls suck in week 3.

    Anon...Suck yourself!!!