Monday, September 17

SEC Power Poll - Erik's Ballot - Week 3

UF - Class of the East

1) LSU - Like a well oiled machine. Tops in all three phases.

2) Florida - Much like LSU, but with a young, sub-elite defense. Impressive win over the Vols. I would dare say that the offense is more effective this season in the post-leak era.

3) Kentucky - Large drop-off at this point, but Kentucky is a very dangerous team. Crazy I know. They remind me of the Eli led Ole Miss team that went 7-1 in the SEC in 2003 on the power of a deadly offense. Best QB in the league with a defense that is good enough to keep the Wildcats alive in a shootout. Great win over slightly overrated yet top 10 Louisville. (Kige's take on his team's big win)

4) Arkansas - How do I rate Arkansas here after a loss? It's a power poll. (If the Colts had lost a close one in week two of the NFL, do you drop them to the bottom half?) It's still "who's the best team,"regardless. I'm still a believer after a three point loss, with a slow start in a hostile environment. Never doubt Darren McFadden.

5) South Carolina - Didn't find out much about The Cocks this week. Solid, but need to show some real Spurrier-worthy offense and run-it-up on somebody.

6) Alabama - Strong offense. Suspect defensive front 7. Not much has changed here. The defense looked even more suspect this past week against the best rushing threats in CFB.

7) Tennessee
- My buddy David wanted me to make sure, no matter what, to mention the super stud that is true-frosh, DB Eric Berry. (newsflash) Eric Berry is Fantastic. If Darren McFadden was a defensive back, he would be Eric Berry (good enough?) He even made the almighty Tim Tebow look foolish on an interception return for a TD. Despite the awesomeness of Eric Berry, The Vol defense put up about as much of a fight as one of Bret Michaels' groupie-skanks on "Rock of Love."

8) Georgia - Wow, how bout Troy taking Okie State behind the woodshed too. Kinda takes some of the shine off Georgia's big victory doesn't it? Kinda like when your fat, sloppy, ass-faced buddy starts talking about his "mediocre at best" hookup with one of your top conquests.

9) Vanderbilt - I may have them ranked a little low on the poll, but on any given Saturday these Dores could beat any team south of # 2. Defense is pretty weak, but if the Commies get a few breaks/turnovers they can really hurt you. Unfortunately, Vandy is usually the team doing the breaking/turning-over. Any SEC win by two touchdowns is a good win.

10) Mississippi State - They're going to have to win games on defense like they did against Auburn. Henig lasted 3 games this season (broken hand or wrist or something) which is a record for the wee bulldog QB (Seriously, that's him on the right). Anyway, who's next in line to get "Croomed?"

11) Auburn
- This team is just broken. It can be fixed this season, but it's gonna take some time (read: losses) If the fans can stay off Tuberville's back, he can turn it around. The Iron bowl is all that matters at this point.

12) Ole Miss - I've always tried to give Orgeron the benefit of the doubt (supposed Cutcliffe induced talent deficit), but I got to see things first hand this weekend up in Nashville and it's damn UGLY. Worst offensive play calling I've ever seen courtesy of Dan Werner, and the Defense...The Defense couldn't cover "Jesse's Girl."

Thanks as always to Brandon at Garnet & Black Attack for sponsoring the SEC Power Poll and keeping us all on task.


  1. Kentucky in third??? They are better than they were in previous years but lay down the crack pipe. Third?

  2. It's only going to get worse, OM fans.

  3. Who would you rate third, anon?

  4. Bama's #1 you stupid barner

  5. wow, those clever tider douches will get you everytime Eric.

  6. "I would dare say that the offense is more effective this season in the post-leak era."

    You would dare say? Come don't be so shy the O is obviously better than last year.