Monday, September 10

Mindless Morning Youtubery

Mascots Gone Wild

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports, we now know that The Oregon Duck mascot will be suspended for this weekend's home game against Fresno St. Apparently The Duck got disrespected by The Houston Cougar and was forced to regulate. No word yet on the involvement of drugs or alcohol. My take: Well, I think it's mighty convenient they waited to suspend this thug until after the big Michigan game. Crazy how he just happens to sit for a non-BCS, WAC opponent. Anyway, here's the incriminating evidence...

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  1. In 1995, the UGA Hairy Dawg mascot got into two spectacular fights.

    First, he walked up to the Clemson Tiger in front of the CU Student section on the hill. He started play jabbing back and forth with him. Then he picked him and full bore body slammed him ala Hogan vs. Andre The Giant in Wrestlemania. Absolutely awesome.

    At the end of the season, Hairy was thrown out of Bobby Dodd's Stadium's sideline area after he got into a full bore fist fight with Buzz. After demolishing Buzz, the cops escorted him out.

    The fact that there was no YouTubes back then is a loss to mankind.