Sunday, September 23

The Mind of the Bama Fan

Why Did Coach Saban Allow Alabama To Lose?

Our small human brains may not always comprehend Saban's mysterious ways, but we must keep the faith. All things happen for a reason. Even Bama losses, and I know Saban won't give us a non-victory that's too big for the Tider nation to handle. I'm of the belief that this "temporary setback" was a test...Saban gave us a test to see if we were worthy enough to follow him.

Can we resist doubt and temptation? In these difficult days ahead, can we keep from attempting to murder our children...or stabbing hateful Barners? Can we conduct ourselves with typical Bama class and show CNS that we are 200% behind him no matter how many temporary setbacks he tests us with. Never forget, you can still technically win the Thirteenth with one loss. Especially if you are a nationally respected program like Bama.

In this video, you'll see some images of Tiders who have lost the faith. Tiders who look like they just discovered that Santa Claus is just some old drunk with chronic halitosis. Learn from their misguided pain. It's still "Two Thousand and Saban." Nobody can take that away from us...

Does Daniel Moore do UGA prints? - "Saban Allows UGA Victory"


  1. all the bama bashing today is funny to me. no rational bama fan was expecting any more than 8 or 9 wins to be a successful season. yet lose one game and everyone declares bama/saban a failure. the only bama fans you truly insult with stuff like this don't even know how to use the internet and therefore all your hard work is lost on them.

  2. I'll just say this, Gerry. Living in this state with an undefeated (albeit 3-0), Saban led Bama team is almost more than I could stomach. Some of the attitudes after starting 2-0 in the SEC are amazing.

    Saban's first loss was always going to be a big story because of the circus that surrounds everything he does. Alana Colette Connell, what?

    I've think I've been fair enough with the Auburn Farks and what not. I just call em like I see em. Is it sensationalized? You bet.

  3. and believe me i understand what you're many fan bases...a few bad apples....

    bama just may have a few more bad apples...or stupid apples as the case may be. i blame it on bama fans who live in alabama having nothing else to do. they all need to adopt an nfl team to follow or something.

  4. Saban didn't allow them to lose. In fact...he blamed Applewhite at the end of the first half, and his players after the game.