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Late Night Stream of Consciousness: Opening Weekend

It was everything I hoped it would be and more. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Here are my random, unorganized, spur-of-the-moment thoughts on the SEC games this week...

UGA - Dawgs looked as good as the media thought they might. Great against an overhyped Big XII team. Even though I tried my damndist (with Stone's help) to ruin Matt Stafford's career in the off season, he seems to have bounced back beautifully. Kudos, Matt.

Auburn - That O-line is gonna get Cox in a body cast by the end of the season. Kodi Burns needs to be ready at a moments notice. Like I've said previously, there's just nothing really exciting or outstanding about this team, other than the obvious... Quentin Groves (two more sacks) is the Best Defensive player in the SEC. Hands Down. And that's saying a lot.

Alabama - Strong offense (Terry Grant is going to be a stud) Can't wait to see a Defense against a team that doesn't share a conference with Samford.

UT - Too little. Too late. Tennessee may put it together this season, but right now, UT's receivers suck assholes. Foster is solid though.

LSU - Overrated. (but they are #2) They may have owned an inept MSU team (6 picks kinda helps) but they don't really look like world beaters. The West seems to be down this year so they will probably still win it.

Ole Miss - Played insane football (for Ole Miss) the first half to go up 20-0 (1 offensive TD, One Special teams TD and one Defensive TD with a missed extra point) The second half they played not to lose and almost did. Dustin Mouzon, Ole Miss CB with 3 turnovers! (2 picks, fumble recovery) Impressive. The Ole Miss DL went from worst to top tier in one season. Ole Miss doubled their INT total from the 2006 season in ONE GAME. Offense still needs work as well. Running game was stagnant. Defense is still vulnerable to the spread, but they're getting A LOT more pressure on the QB...which is nice. Ashley Palmer is an outstanding outside backer (plus he's from Compton...yeah, that Compton)

Vandy - Kinda struggled with the Richmond Spiders in the first half more than they should have (I can't believe I have expectations for Vandy!) Even so, they ended up killing them. We'll see next week when the pre-season ends for both Bama and Vandy.

Florida - They are winning the East, cause we sure as shit know that Georgia can't win in Jax. Tebow is 110% real, son. The Defense only returned 2 starters so that may be their Achilles.

Arkansas - Troy? Seriously? The Hawgs won by twenty but struggled mightily in the first half. I don't really know what happened in this game, but the Hawgs don't seem to be a contender like they were last season. Fortunately for the Hawgs, they are they most Jekyll and Hyde team in the SEC.

Teams I know nothing about - South Carolina, Kentucky...

Teams that I wouldn't touch with Fred Smoot's dick - The Mississippi State Fighting Crooms


  1. So it this an Ole Miss blog or something? How can you be so critical of the other SEC teams when you cheer for Ole Miss? Ole Miss just got one of their 3 wins of the season and their last until La Tech. Best thing is the way you blast MSU, which is deserving, when your coach will probably be 1-2 versus Croom after this season!!!!

  2. Ouch! Prediction smack! "Your team is going to suck in the future!" Cut me deep, Anon.

  3. He does make a good point. You spend so much time bashing a team that may be better than your Rebels are...doesn't make sense. Seems like obsession.

  4. "So it this an Ole Miss blog or something?"

    No. No, it's not. Try and read the heading.

    "How can you be so critical of the other SEC teams when you cheer for Ole Miss?"

    Well, it's quite difficult actually. See, I gather my thoughts about other teams in my head, then I type them out and they magically appear on the internet.

    "You spend so much time bashing a team that may be better than your Rebels are...doesn't make sense. Seems like obsession."

    "may be better" is the operative phrase. What team are we refering to? Mississippi State? I view that situation as more humorous and tragic at the same time (a great combo). Like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I can't take my eyes off of it. Obsession? Sure, you could call it that. Trust me, if Ole Miss threw six picks and got blanked on National TV in the first game of the football season you'd hear a few things from me about it.