Wednesday, September 26

SEC vs. The Big 10

You know, maybe I'm a little too hard on some Southern teams and their wacky fans. Truth is, we're all in this thing together, and we're not all that different from one another here in the South. We're all Redneck to some degree, right?

Shit, I've drank Natty light at Dega...I've spotlighted rabbits on the farm and I've even called in to The Finebaum show (once). I grew up on The Dukes of Hazzard...I may have even sported a jort or two in my misguided youth. Who the hell knows?

Even so, all my innocent shenanigans pale in comparison to the white-trash douchbaggery that exists in the Mid-west. Grown men using "hair product" with crazy-assed goatees, flavor-savers and gold jewelry...Usually seen wearing stone-washed Levi's, white high-top sneakers and a replica jersey of choice. They run rampant in Big Ten country.

They're called Ohio State Fans...And they're the effing horrible! I've shown you their behavior in the past, but now they've crossed a new line of vomitous craptasticness. They've made a gosh damn music video. In my business, there's nothing like a solid, turdulent amateur music video (also see Exhibit A and B):

Hat tip: WithLeather


  1. if these guys are joking...genius. if they are serious...i don't even have the words to describe how super gay this is.

  2. Wow...lots going on in my head right now...can't process it all at the moment...all i got for these guys is a liberty bell.

    Dirt out

  3. In the immortal words of Frank Barone - Holy crap!! I never thought Ohio St. could go any lower than getting their ass kicked by Florida but I stand corrected. This is worse than than da Bear's suberbowl shuffle video and that's saying something. How embarrasing.