Monday, September 10

SEC Power Poll - Erik's Ballot - Week 2

1) LSU - I think we all knew Va Tech was not a top 10 team, but LSU made them look like Tennessee Tech. LSU is damn near a lock to win the West.

2) Florida - Great offense (49 points in the first half) but the defense allowed Troy to put up 30?!? Most of it was garbage time. None the less, it's unacceptable.

3) Arkansas - They win this spot by default. They didn't lose this past weekend. They didn't even play. Congrats.

4) South Carolina - I know it sounds crazy, but who else do you put up here? Spurrier's voodoo worked on Richt and his Dawgs. The Cocks didn't look overly impressive but they won a tough SEC road game.

Tennessee - This Vol team is just kinda uninspired. Ainge is playing well, the backs are running well. The defense is just average. There just seems to be something missing. The jury is still out on this team.

6) Kentucky - This offense is the read deal Holyfield. The D sucks. That could cause some issues vs. Louisville, but newsflash: The 'Ville's Defense sucks too. Look for Andre' 3000 & Co. to pull the upset this weekend at home in Lexington.

7) Alabama - Saban still hasn't played anyone of note, and his team really hasn't looked too convincing doing it. Even so, the Tide is 2 - 0. They earn this position by default. Sara Jessica Parker Wilson rolled up an amazing 150 yards passing against the highly respected Vandy defense.

8) Georgia - After making us all believe in week one, UGA lays a stinky turd with a four field-goal loss against The Cocks. Who knew? Spurrier said it best when he said, “They’ve actually lost five in a row to Eastern Division opponents. Kentucky and Vandy beat ‘em last year.” Ouch, Head Ball Coach. Very ouch.

9) Auburn - Phil Steele is laughing all the way to the bank. Preseason, he ranked the Tigers just outside of the Top 40 (# 41) and he earned the ire of the Plainsman nation. Well, it looks like Auburn should live up to expectations.

10) Ole Miss - The Ole Miss defense gets lit up by the spread offense. In other news, Germans land on the moon. Even so, Ole Miss had it's best offensive performance since the Eli era (300 yards passing, 230 yard rushing). Vandy is favored by 5 in Nashville for some reason, but the Rebs will be victorious straight up.

11) Vanderbilt - The Commies looked pretty damn anemic against the Tide, plus the refs might as well have been slobbing Saban's knob. Pretty much every big play or touchdown for Vandy was called back because of phantom penalties. Otherwise, Vandy just played like Vandy. Which is not a good thing, mind you.

Mississippi State - Credit for beating Tulane this season. Major credit to Michael Hening for keeping both collar bones intact for two consecutive games.

Sorry ladies. Tebow has but one mistress, and her name is Football


  1. "Credit for beating Tulane this season. Major credit to Michael Hening for keeping both collar bones intact for two consecutive games."

    Apparently not much credit. Your Rebels are ranked #109 in total defense. That's not going to improve much when league play starts.

  2. Should be:

  3. AU was supposed to go between UGA and BAMA

  4. Good call on the Vandy-Ole Miss game. You'll have to move them higher after they beat Auburn in 3 weeks.