Thursday, September 13

The Orgeron - Man of the People

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The Devil Went Down to Mississippi

As you've probably heard, Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron isn't exactly the touchy-feely kind of "Mark Richty" coach that some would hope for. He's an in your face, tell it like it is, 4 red bulls-a-day, no excuses, old-school, crazy-assed defensive line coach who doesn't have time for your bulls**t.

So when some punkass five-year-old comes up to Ed at his son's little league baseball game looking for a "Coach O" autograph on his Florida Gators hat (excuse me?), Orgeron does what any of us would have done...He basically tells that kid to F**k off.

This is a letter to the editor of the Oxford Eagle. It appeared in the print edition but was unavaiable in the crappy online edition.

Mother Unhappy with Coach O's Actions

This summer, our family was at a little league baseball game at Batesville, and Coach Orgeron was there. Many children stood in line to get an autograph from this arrogant man. Unfortunately, my five year old was one of many who waited.

He waited until the game was over, so as not to bother him while the game was going on. He stood there waiting with his Florida Gator team hat (the five year old that is). When his turn came, he was very rudely turned away by Orgeron. He told my son he was not going to sign his hat because it was a Florida hat.

My five year old had no idea why he was denied by this person, who must have been a great man because everyone was standing in line to get his signature. The look on my child's face when he turned around to walk away, hanging his head, would have made any real man sad.

My heart hurt so bad for my little man. My mother always told me, "Give a man a little power and his true character will appear". Coach Orgeron's true character was seen that day, to be sure. Coach Orgeron is the little man, and that day my son walked away the bigger one.

A mother whose heart hurt that day,

Sally Summerman

Wow. Way to keep your rep, brah. That kid can s**t in his hat for all I care. I'm actually surprised Orgeron didn't slap the Gators hat off that little punk's head and call him a "traitorous pussy."

On the flip side, way to go, Sally. Way to think it through. Real smart calling out The Orgeron. Yeah, try not to sweat with fear as you start your minivan in the next few weeks, months or years. Next thing you know, Sally Summerman's gonna have a one-on-one fiddle playing showdown with The Devil.

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  1. I'm actually surprised Orgeron didn't slap that Gators hat off that punk five-year-old's head and call him a "traitorous pussy."

    And what is the issue? Why would any parent allow their child to wear Gator shit is baffling.

    They asked for it....

  2. poor little girl looks just like her daddy.

  3. Gerry, that ain't "O's" family!!! He doesn't produce females. He's got two effin' boys.

  4. Erik, Erik, Erik, my naive little friend. Certainly you know by now that we were all fathered by The Orgeron.

  5. The boy is lucky to have all limbs and digits intact. He may be on the side of a milk carton very soon. Coach O never forgets. EVER.

  6. Does he shine those knees with a buffer?

  7. a) like i know what the o's family looks like.

    b) look at that little girl and tell me she didn't spring from his loins. she's got the same crazy eyes.

  8. Joe Blow,

    I think Coach O picked up leg waxing while he was out in L.A., probably from Matt Leinhart. Who knew The Orgeron was one of them metrosexuals?

    Either that or he plucks one hair from his legs every time Brent Schaeffer throws a pick in practice.

  9. Coach O needs to win a few more games in the SEC before he starts blowing kids off for autographs...He's a loser of a coach for a sorry ass program!

  10. Next time Sally Summerman, you'll think twice before sending your 'tard of a kid in front of the great coach "O" unprepared. For example you probably dont want to send him to try out for Ole Miss in a tutu, either. O might not be so forgiving next time.

  11. Daniel, your "It's Two-Thousand and SABAN!" Bumpersticker is showing.

  12. it's not like it was a State hat..jeez
    I once saw spurrier sign a TN ha. he said, "i'll sign anything as long as it's not Fl St."