Wednesday, September 19

Scrumptious SEC Stats

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If you're one of them haters and don't really understand what the big deal is about LSU and Florida, check out a few of these numbers from


In Scoring Offense and Total Offense LSU is #3 in the SEC with 45.7 points per game and 483.3 yards per game respectively, while the Tigers are also #1 in Scoring Defense and Total Defense allowing a laughable 2.3 ppg and 128.3 ypg. (the next best Total Defense in the SEC is Georgia's allowing more than twice as many yards) LSU also has 13 sacks in this short season and a +7 turnover margin. Both tops in the SEC. I think it also goes without saying that LSU is tops in the NCAA in pretty much every significant defensive category. By a mile.


Remember Tim Tebow...the guy that everyone was wondering about during the offseason? (including myself) All that "Is he an every down quarterback...Can he be more than a glorified fullback?" Poppycock! Tim Tebow is currently tops in the SEC and 2nd in the nation in Passing Efficiency with a completion rate approaching 3/4 and 8 TDs to only 1 INT (surely the receiver's fault). Florida leads the conference in Total Offense as well as Scoring Offense while they maintain the #3 spot in Total Defense!

In other words, why the hell would College Football Gameday want to be at a game like that on October, 6th? Number 2 in the nation vs. Number 3?!? I think not! No, they'll be at ABC's Oklahoma vs. Texas. Gotta maintain that unified corporate front built on lies... by Home Depot.

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  1. Fuck you, fuck LSU, and Fuck Florida, if your gross enough to actually be from Florida. Both your teams are supported (well) by rednecks who should be locked up but haven't been caught yet (or their sisters).