Monday, September 24

Quote of the Weekend...Really

Overheard in the North endzone of Bryant-Denny after Georgia's Brandon Coutu missed the tie-breaking field goal at the end of regulation:

"It's like the breath of The Bear blew down from Heaven to push it wide!"

Who says Coach Bryant ever made it to heaven? Even so, Coutu did say in the post-game press conference that he distinctly smelled "a mixture of Gin and Listerine" after the kick.

A tip of the hat to Daniel for the quote.


  1. gin and listerine?? the bear must have just woken up. otherwise it would have been cigerettes and golden flake.

  2. Eric,

    You should seriously change the name of this blog to Talk about Ole Miss, oh, sorry.

  3. I tried, Stephen, but it's already taken! How's about ?