Tuesday, September 25

SEC Power Poll - Erik's Late Ballot - Week 4

The Moral Victory Madman - photocredit: James Bryant, Rebelsports.net

1) LSU - Defense wins championships. As do awesomely executed fake field goals on third down. Les Miles is pure, unadulterated evil.

2) Florida - Exposed! Tebow won't be able to run like that (177 some odd yards) on a LSU's Defensive line. They're going to have to figure something else out. Young team let the road crowd shake 'em. Still can't move 'em down though.

3) Kentucky - The Drop off may not be as large as I thought. Kentucky plays the Gates in Lexington and the upset is not so hard to comprehend these days. Lots of folks gave me shat about putting The Fighting Woodson's this high, but who else you gonna put here?

4) Georgia - Let the mediocrity begin! Exciting win in T-town, but the dawgs should have put the inept Sabanites away in the second half.

5) South Carolina - The cocks have offensive problems (Smelley? Mitchell?). But who doesn't against LSU? They are in this spot on the virtue of an above average redzone D. However, they just lost their best linebacker for the season (Jasper Brinkley).

6) Arkansas - Dick sucks balls. He is killing this team. This game was close throughout, but it came down to turnovers

7) Alabama - Offense didn't look so hot against a legit Georgia D. Sarah Jessica Parker is taking a verbal beating in these parts. Seems that he played ahellufa lot better last season. You think Shula would come back as a quarterbacks coach?

8) Tennessee - Beat Arkansas State pretty handily, which is more than I can say for the other UT. Even so, the Volunteer nation is ready to string up Fat Phil with a tow-strap (you know, for all that fattiness) Who do you replace him with though? Could UT lure Rich and Rita Rod. the short distance to K-ville?

9) Vanderbilt - The Dores are coming off a bye week to prepare for...Eastern Michigan? Vandy is pretty good, but they really lose points in the out of conference scheduling department. I guess when you'll do just about anything to taste bowl season you schedule the likes of Richmond, Miami of Ohio, the aforementioned directional Michigan and "15 minutes of Fame" Wake Forrest.

10) Mississippi State - Don't look now, but State is one win away from their most successful season since Y2K. That's right, I said it! Crooms is a badass mofo.

11) Auburn - Finally some effin' offense. Lucky for Tubs he gets to go to Gainesville this weekend. Ouch. Phil, how'd that work out for you and your career?

12) Ole Miss - Moral Victories! Kinda like how every college girl in America would give their left ovary to get with Tim Tebow, but ...He likes dudes! Maybe that's more "Ironic." Maybe it's just that Tim Tebow's mere existence pisses me off. Damn you, Tebow!

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  1. "Let the mediocrity begin! Exciting win in T-town, but the dawgs should have put the inept Sabanites away in the second half."

    Remember who I thought was the most overrated and underrated teams preseason? I will respectfully disagree with you here.

  2. Just so you know, Miles isnt the genius, Tuberville is. LSU took that play from Auburn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8mD85c9rTI