Monday, September 17

Mindless Morning Youtubery

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Can you find the Notre Dame Quarterback?

Clausen For Heisman

Jimmy Clausen is an absolute badass on the gridiron and he will get all the praise and highlights he deserves. Here's a little clip that some Irish fans put together to showoff their prized recruit with his veritable cornucopia of skillz and abilities...

I would usually feel somewhat bad about making fun of a mere 18-year-old kid, but the little spiky-haired prick had his college commitment announcement at the College Football Hall of Fame. He can go suck himself.

By the way, I'm no Notre Dame hater (really just dislike Jimmy a lot) but the Irish are 0-3 with nary offensive touchdown. Major credit.

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  1. Enjoy your work Erik. Clausen is not a mere 18-year-old kid, but rather a 19 or 20 year old kid who was held back in school for football. He's a total dousche.