Wednesday, October 10

Bama Fan of the Week

Oh, It's Rollin' Baby, It's Rollin!

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Alabama 5-star OL recruit, Tyler Love takes in the scene at Bryant Denny

It's Bama/Ole Miss Week so Rack 'em! That's right, it's time to get Bama lubed up and Ballin', Baby!

"Colette, what do you think about Erik and his Bama fan of the Week?"

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Caption should read, "WTF was I thinking?" - credit: MakeItBlue

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Nobody ever says, "I wanna be a douchebag when I grow up." - Credit: Matt

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The official uniform of the future coke-whores of Tuscaloosa

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Credit - Makeitblue

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"Mommy, can I get a picture with that pathetic ass-bag with 'the bear' tatoo?"

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Credit - Makeitblue

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Jorts aren't just for Gators anymore! They're for pale, trash-ass, Bama father/son golf teams

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"Daddy says 'Bama's Back!' Daddy also smokes Meth."

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Nothing says, "I'm not living in the past" like a set of officially licensed Bama F-Oakleys to go with that sweet-assed, hard-earned mudflap.

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A classic


  1. here i thought you were slacking, when in actuality you were stockpiling. kudos.

    fwiw, both of the ones with the saban leaning on the goal post are not only funny, but i actually hadn't seen those two before.

  2. haha. Nice work. I hoped nobody would find those. Can always count on you, Gerry.