Tuesday, October 16

What's it Like to be an Ole Miss Fan?

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It's like having a Bama-Grad Replay Official Tapdance on your Nuts...

It's the Irony of Alabama Coach Nick Saban calling anyone classless...

"There is no class in that," Saban told reporters after the game. "I just want our players to represent the university with class. If [Ole Miss fans] want to be classless, that's their business."

It's Never Getting a Close Call Your Way...

Anybody recall the Phantom hold that nullified a game winning blocked punt/touchdown in last years Georgia game? I do. That SEC Crew got fired. Still doesn't help Ole Miss. Back to this game...How about the non-review on the "non-fumble" by the Bama running back in the first half? Potentially huge for Ole Miss. If I were an Ole Miss student at that game, and I didn't like my chances with my date, I probably would have thrown her skank-ass on the field too...not to mention her heels.

It's Not Being Able to Watch The Crutial End of the Game Live Cause Your Cousin's Getting Married...

It was probably for the best...I avoided much unneeded pain and suffering (read: dropping multiple "naughty words" in front of small, innocent children). On another sour note, I didn't even make it to The Houndstooth in Wrigleyville. Turns out with all the train riding and cab fares it would have cut into my game watching bigtime...So I just settled for ESPNZONE...which was ok, I guess. More on that later.

Again, it was for the best I didn't go to The Houndstooth...After a game like that, something bat-shit crazy would have certainly taken place. I can't see it ending any other way: (Think: Michael Jackson's Bad) Me and some big, fat Bama fan of the week handcuffed together, dance-fighting in circles with our switch-blades drawn.

So, needless to say, I'm glad I didn't go there.

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  1. i'm not even going to get into the reviewed call. i've seen footage and read articles that make it look both ways. i say if you don't want a game to be decided by a last second review, than do something in the first 59.5 minutes to separate yourself...and that goes for bama and ole miss.

    on a happier note, i feel more than a little ripped off to not have pics of you handuffed to a bama fan in the middle of wrigleyville.

  2. Well, I thought Ole Miss had it won. I thought they would win before the game, and I thought they should have won (the way Alabama played). Our secondary made Rebel receivers and SETH ADAMS look like the 49ers in their prime. I have never been so pissed off after a win. That was pitiful. It may be a long remainder of the season for us.

  3. I've seen officials blow numerous replays this year and this is not coming from an Ole Miss fan. Football officials are more inept at their job than any other profession in the country, except for Krystal workers, they are definitely the worst.

  4. "i'm not even going to get into the reviewed call. i've seen footage and read articles that make it look both ways."

    And that's why the call on the field should not have been overturned.

  5. Bravo, Joe Blow! Somebody buy that man a Dickel & Coke. Well played.

  6. Damn. I'd been waiting patiently to hear your description of what a mid-western, Polak, brats-eating Bama fan looks like.

  7. damn, if you wanna win the game, you should probably stay in bounds