Monday, October 22

Various Other Sundries

Things I'm thinking about this Monday (other than work)...

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Ole Miss is Sofa King Bad!

I came to Oxford, I saw Ole Miss/Arkansas, I sharted my khakis.

Everything on the trip was great except the product on the field. Ole Miss was so bad we had a Brent Schaeffer sighting under center. Ole Miss was so bad, they turned off the scoreboard and "Jumbo-tron" for a majority of the second half*. Ole Miss made Arkansas looked so unbelievably good that Houston Nutt just got a contract extension. Well, maybe not that last one, but the others are true. Ole Miss is the Tampa Bay Devil-Rays of SEC Football.

Was I the Only One Who Saw This?

College Gameday in Lexington Kentucky, Best Sign:

Picuture of Kige Ramsey's mug with caption: "Tim Tebow has Anorexic" (major credit to the first to find a screen cap of said sign)

This Youtube is so Germans

I'm sure you've seen it a few times...Chaz Ramsey, Auburn's true-freshman offensive Ninja, attempts to end Glenn Dorsey's career with a text book hi/low, karate-chop block to the side of the knee. Even the biggest Auburn homer can't deny it after watching this "indisputable" footage.

I'm not gonna go as far as to say he was ordered to do it or taught to do it, but it just looks awfully deliberate to me. Like he couldn't have tried harder to eff up Dorsey's knee. Oh...but Tuberville says it wasn't intentional.

"Chaz clearly had a seizure on the left side of his brain which caused him to fall down...and block to his right...I mean, I'm no doctor, but...It's science."

Fake Lou is So Much Cooler than Real Lou

I'm feeling confused, yet strangely motivated - Hat Tip: Matt

More Great Officiating

The Unfair Catch

Finally, Congrats to The Dores!

Just pretend this guy is saying, "Go Dores" (best I could do on short notice)

*actually, the half-time fireworks show (at 3pm) knocked the power out in the stadium for an hour or so.

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  1. I agree, it was an obvious illegal block. However, if you look, Bosely also goes for the cut block which is legal and both teams used cut blocks all night. That shows that Ziemba missed the protection call which makes it seem like Ramsey cheap gave Dorsey a cheap shot. Regardless, it should have been a penalty, but it was not intentional.