Thursday, October 11

I'm Off and Up Out

I'm looking forward to a classy weekend

"It's 106 miles to Chicago..."

I'll be out of "the game" until "Touchdown" Tuesday. By "the game" I of course mean the blogging game. See, my cousin decided to get married during football season. What may seem like an unforgivable injustice to some (us), others view it as nothing more than a beautiful fall weekend, filled with marital bliss and shit.

Therefore, I will play this hand the best way I know how. I will be watching my football in Wrigleyville, at a fine establishment called The Houndstooth Saloon which was recommended to me by known Bama fan "Gerry Dorsey". Turns out the Houndstooth is the meeting place for Chicago area Bammers. Sweet.

Now I bet you're thinking, "Erik, what the hell are you thinking? Why would you fly hundreds of miles to Chicago to hang out with a bunch of Bama fans when you could do that at any Hardee's or Aaron's Rent-to-Own in the greater Birmingham area?"

That is a good question. Well...I'm interested in watching the Ole Miss game this weekend...and it's only on "Gameplan" up there in the frozen Midwest...and guess what? Ole Miss is playing Saban this weekend. What better place to be assured of viewing Ole Miss/Bama than at a place called The Houndstooth?!? I might stab myself in the eye with a bourbon stir...Or they may kill my ass ("none of yall read the internets, right?"). Even so, It should be an interesting game. I'll be sure to take notes. Have yourself a great college football weekend.

Oh, As a parting gift...It's The infamous "Ramp Lady" of Tuscaloosa!!!

HT: Joe Blow (sorry man. I couldn't wait to share her with the world)


  1. I think Ramp Lady retired. They forced her off of the ramp.

  2. you looking at this all wrong. think about how much fun it would be if the fightin' coach o's were to beat the tide. besides how many hardcore bear bryant tattoo havin', detergent/toilet paper on a stick wavin' bama fans could there be in wrigleyville???

    best of luck to you sir, and i'm expecting a full report.

  3. Haha, I knew you would crack! Surely you're still going to give her a BFOTW honor, right? I mean, if there was a trophy for the award, it would probably fashioned after her.

  4. Surely you can find the hangout of the self-important, "bang my head into a wall year in and year out", "my only enjoyment of football comes from praying UA, LSU and MSU lose", lot that is the Ole Miss nation. Having said that, I want it documented right here that I think Alabama is going to probably either squeek by or get upset tomorrow.