Monday, October 29

Double Dose of Morning Youtubery

Matt Ryan for Heisman???

Are we this desperate to prop up a Heisman candidate? Darren McFadden wouldn't blow chunks on national TV

Crank dat Georja Boy

Richt's runnin' a tight ship over there in Athens. I've never seen a team kick-off standing in their own endzone before, but eff' me, it worked. Georiga takes a page from the Miami/FSU playbook and thugged out for the big victory.

"Ahhh...The penalty will be assessed on the kickoff and is of the double, 15 yard variety... on the Offense... um...Georiga is charged with... Excessive 'Supermanning of Hoes'...Followed by 'Actions characteristic of a Soulja Boy'... May God have mercy on us all."


  1. why is that bc trainer staring at ryan like he is about to puke f'ing diamonds??

  2. He looks like he want to make out with Ryan. He also looks like the famed "West effin' Virginia" hooded sweatshirt sporting scrotebag.