Tuesday, October 23

The Kige Party

Kige takes a Stand Against Christmas Foofery and Shenanigans

A little dated, but Kige on location in Wal-mart just feels so right

Also, The Man Behind The Poster Steps forward

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"Hey, the Kige Ramsey sign was mine, here are a couple of pics of it.
You should also know that Kige Ramsey himself changed his own actual facebook profile pic to a shot of my sign on camera behind Lee Corso's head."

Major Credit, Sam. You are a winner, no matter what the scoreboard indicated. And Thanks for the heads up. Remember, raising Kige Ramsey awareness is a God given responsibility that all of us share.

Great Pictures like this will always get posted (also love the "Joiner stole my sign") Don't hesitate to send us some quality stuff. You know what I'm all about. Do it.


  1. Erik,

    Churchill here from over at the DFF. Yeah, a bit broken hearted about the Auburn second half meltdown...if the offense had not gone 3 and out so many damn times in the 2nd half then we wouldn't be talking about Last Minute Les, Tubs sqibbing the game away, or much else.

    FYI...dirtiest play I have ever seen the Auburn Tigers make, Chaz Ramsey, a true freshmen. Not cool and should be at least suspended for this weekend against the Devil Rays.

    We need to get together for a good commentary about the ridiculousness that will be the Saban Bowl next weekend.

    Keep it up, love it.

    Wilbur P. Churchill
    Daily Football Fix dot com

  2. Sounds like a plan. Just say "when," Wilbur.