Wednesday, October 31

Mindless Morning Youtubery

Big Ten Trash - Penn State Edition

Apparently Joe Pa is not the only one in State College, PA with the rage (NSFW - Cussin')...

Credit: Black Shoe Diaries

These obnoxious, date-raping scrotebags are projecting their anger. They're angry because they're from Pennsylvania. They're angry becuase it's cold. They're angry because their women wear ambiguous sweatshirts and stocking caps to football games to hide their pasty, pale, often unsightly Big-10 bodies. It must be very frustrating. They attack these equally douchey, yet undermanned, jersey-sporting tOSU fans because they're angry/sad on the inside.

By the way, what's the deal with these midwestern chodes and their attempted self-importance? We've all heard "THE Ohio State University," (which is homo erotic enough), but now it seems that Penn State is trying to make "THE Pennsylvania State University" happen. You don't hear the Necks from Starkville claiming, "THE Mississippi State University" or the coonasses with "THE Louisiana State University."

It just goes to show ya.


  1. That skinny rope sucker is bold when he has 2,000 scrote lickin' fratties behind him. I would love to see the look on his face if he was walking alone later that night and that OSU fan came around the corner. Penn State's student section is the largest collection of bro-rapists in America.

  2. I just tried to look that up on youtube to leave a comment and it has been removed by the user. i bet that skinny goat fucker started thinking about the ass whippin that might be coming if the OSU dude and his buddies could find him.

  3. he probably started thinking about assault charges. fucking cowards...the whole lot of 'em.

  4. Yeah, at Ole Miss, you only throw your drinks at officials or opposing players.

  5. Ouch. It's totally the same thing. Hope you're not a Bama fan "casting stones."

  6. Stephen, it's still there as far as I know...If you want to leave a comment, just click on the above player backgroud (anywhere other than the play button) and it should take you right to the youtube page.

  7. "let he without sin cast the first red high heel"

  8. I could understand it if those OSU fans had blown the game for Penn State.

    I'd hit Doyle Jackson with a water baloon. That's right, I said it.

  9. Travis, we simply launch plastic stadium cups of bourbon and coke indiscriminately onto the field from high in the stands in protest of getting screwed by the officials. These people are hurling specifically targeted aluminum cans of Busch Lite at unsuspecting passersby at close range for nothing more than walking down a street. Surely you understand the difference.

  10. I do. But the irony of an Ole Miss criticizing another fanbase for throwing containers of alcohol, given the Rebels rich history, was too strong for me to pass up.

    I could never imagine State fans being treated so poorly at Ole Miss. I've seen plenty of fights, but that's mano a mano.

  11. Despite the the urban legends, I can assure you State fans are treated better in Oxford than Ole Miss fans are treated in Starkville.

  12. That's a matter of perspective.

  13. "...their women wear ambiguous sweatshirts and stocking caps to football games to hide their pasty, pale, often unsightly Big-10bodies."

    Hmmm...last I checked six of the ten fattest states are in SEC country:

    South Carolina